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Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest where it’s headquartered, Cascadia Modern aims to provide simple, modern goods that inspire you to live a meaningful and full life. One filled with experiences, people, and adventure. As firm believers in investing in experiences and loved ones, we hope our products will go hand-in-hand with helping you do this!

Our scratch off posters are created to inspire you to get out, see the world, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. To remind you to take that road trip with your best friends, that weekend away with your spouse, or that fun day trip with your kids! Our posters will simultaneously remind you of these beloved memories and motivate you to create more.

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I am a mother of two, raised in California and settled in Washington. Lover of travel, the outdoors, list-making, and anything creative.

I have always loved making things-- both with my hands and digitally. After having my daughter in 2017 and making the decision to be a stay-at-home mother, I was looking for a productive, creative outlet, and found it in Cascadia Modern. 

Cascadia Modern is a one-woman show, and I take pride in having great reviews and happy customers. I hope my products bring joy to your household, help you live a meaningful life, and bring a smile to your face!